Excel Ahead is a 6-8 week course designed to train individuals on Microsoft Excel, providing them with skills that are currently in demand in the workforce. These skills can also prove valuable to landlords and those who are purchasing and developing real estate.

The Importance of Digital Skills

  • 80% of current job openings across the globe require a digital skill
  • Companies are digitizing at an accelerated pace
  • Individuals with proficient skills in this software can command higher wages
  • Learning Excel will get you prepared for jobs starting at $44k a year

Why Participate?

Unemployment has increased materially and it’s particularly bad
for minorities and women.

  • A 2.5 percentage point unemployment gap between White workers (3.6% unemployment) and Black workers (6.1% unemployment) existed in March 2020, before the pandemic affected the US job market.
  • While the unemployment rate between men and women was ostensibly the same in March 2020 the unemployment rate for women grew to 14.4% vs. 12.0% for men.
  • As of May 2020 that unemployment gap nearly double to 4.9 percentage points and unemployment is hitting some communities harder, as seen below.

Increasing Incomes

Too many already-low-income families lack digital skills while companies are less likely to train. This widens the gap that currently exists for individuals that have not gained a digital skill and those who participate in industries that do not require a one. It is widely known that ongoing training and professional development has a lasting impact on
increasing incomes.

Middle-skill jobs that just require Word and Excel skills and no other digital skill pay a median of $22.66 an hour compared to $20.14 for middle-skill jobs that don’t require digital know-how, and
compared to $12 an hour for the hospitality worker’s wage.

Companies are Digitizing at an Accelerated Pace

80% of current job openings across the globe require a digital skill, including knowledge and strong application of Microsoft Excel software.Corporations have recognized the need and the shortage of readily skilled workforce for these positions and have taken steps to assist with closing these gaps. 

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