Omicelo Cares VIP Event

The Omicelo Cares’ VIP Event is a celebration of the accomplishments of our overall program, alumni, community partners and volunteers.

Our mission is “To Co-Power existing community members in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods to own financial assets, grow their businesses, and lift their incomes”.

For nearly 6 years, Omicelo Cares has been a community leader at the forefront of working to address economic issues impacting our area’s disadvantaged and underserved populations by implementing programs to help them. Since then, we have directly served over 250 individuals and MWDBE owned companies and indirectly served more than 600.

The VIP event highlights participants that completed one of our programs in the previous cohorts listed below. Over 80 participants in the previous year.

7 Pillars of Sustainable Business

Real Estate Co-Powerment Series

Landlord Experience

Excel Ahead

Equity Up

These individuals made a strong commitment to take action into bettering their lives and growing their businesses. Our programs are intentional about individuals growing their incomes and giving them the tools and network to accomplish their goals in real estate investment, asset ownership and small business growth all while benefitting their communities.

We look forward to your attendance.