Boost Your Skills with Excel Classes in Person

For small business owners, juggling many different responsibilities can be tough. When you have employees to manage, marketing plans to execute, accounting and taxes to organize, and sales goals to meet, you need the right tools to help your business succeed. 

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most useful tool that small business owners can use to streamline many of those tasks and make life a little — actually, a LOT — easier.

Taking an Excel class in person can provide a number of benefits that online classes simply cannot match. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Excel classes in person, the reasons for participating, and what Omicelo Cares’ Excel Ahead course can do for you and your small business. 

Benefits of Excel Classes in Person

For small business owners, taking Excel classes in person can be a valuable tool for learning practical skills and improving their productivity. In-person classes, in particular, allow learners to ask questions and get individualized attention from the instructor, which can be invaluable when learning a complex program like Excel.

In-person classes often provide the opportunity to meet other business owners who are facing similar challenges and to learn from their experiences. Networking, story sharing, and peer support can go a long way in helping people like you expand your boundaries and seize unique opportunities. 

With one-on-one help from an expert, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, without feeling pressure to keep up with an online course. In addition, in-person classes offer the opportunity to ask specific questions related to your unique situation. It’s an ongoing conversation that helps learning stick and opens up a richer dialogue for education. 

As you build on your skills and improve your knowledge of Excel, you’ll find that the support you receive from your instructors and fellow students does a lot to deepen your understanding. 

Excel classes in person can be a fun and enjoyable approach to learning some skills that can help your business in profound ways. 

4 Reasons to Take Excel Classes in Person

If you’re looking to improve your skills in Excel and boost your business productivity, taking an in-person class may be the perfect solution for you. Here are four reasons why:

Deeper Understanding

In-person classes provide a more interactive learning experience, which can help you better understand the concepts being taught.

Individualized Attention

When you’re learning face-to-face with a live course instructor, you have regular opportunities to interact in ways that online learning can’t offer. An in-person teacher can answer questions, listen, and provide more opportunities for diving deeper into the subject matter.

Immediate Feedback

Taking an in-person class can allow you to get immediate feedback on your progress – something that is not always available online.

Hands-On Practice

In-person classes typically offer a wider range of opportunities for hands-on practice, which can further enhance your understanding of the material. 

So whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills or take your business to the next level, an in-person Excel class may be just what you need.

Excel Classes with Omicelo Cares

While online resources are plentiful, taking an in-person class is, in our opinion, the best way to improve your skills and sharpen your knowledge of Excel.

The Excel Ahead program from Omicelo Cares is a 6- to 8-week course that trains you on the most useful aspects of Microsoft Excel. Our instructors have experience at leading financial organizations like Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. You’ll learn skills that are currently in high demand in the workforce and are essential for operating a small business. 

If you’re exploring or already working in the real estate industry, the skills you learn from Excel Ahead can be invaluable in giving you an edge over your competitors. We’ll help to make you proficient in the skills needed to work in a digital environment and improve your analytical and decision-making skills.

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