Building Wealth Through Real Estate in Less Than 50 Days

At Omicelo Cares, each course offered centers on building wealth. Adia Effiong, a graduate of Omicelo Cares’ 2020 Real Estate Co-Powerment Series, greatly appreciated how clear the organization was about the benefits of building wealth, which, like many other real estate investors, was a significant reason she embarked on her real estate endeavor. 

Omicelo Cares focused Effiong’s investor eye through education. The Real Estate Co-Powerment Series taught Effiong what to look for as a developer and investor, such as property and school taxes, as well as the distance to resources in the community, like parks and the bus line. Additionally, she learned how to see a deal and calculate after-renovation value. 

While all change begins with having the proper view, or “investor eye,” seeing must be paired with doing. Omicelo Cares fully equips their students to be ready to tackle issues and achieve their goals immediately upon graduation from their course. 

Project Ready in 49 Days

This 7-week course aims to have all students project ready by the program’s end by educating them on how to identify and address areas of improvement within their communities. Effiong did exactly that … 

“I put an earnest deposit down the day of our graduation.”

And it worked.

With her education from Omicelo Cares, Effiong was project ready on the day of graduation. The course helped her look for and secure funding, form a business plan, and have the confidence she needed to take the next step: purchasing her second property, a single-family home in Braddock.

“It really gave me the confidence to know how it is done in an equitable and just way,” Effiong said. “By doing it on a small scale, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the process.”

Building Wealth Through Confidence

Effiong founded Ascend Entities in April of 2019, based on her “desire to provide more affordable housing” in an economy that doesn’t naturally provide affordable housing.

“I was interested in multi-family property management,” Effiong said, expanding on why she became a real estate investor. 

Her first real estate investment was in a duplex in Swissvale, which encouraged her to learn more about real estate and led her to Omicelo Cares. She was referred to Omicelo Cares by a friend who had already experienced the program, and Effiong wanted to decide between two of their courses: the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series and the Landlord Experience. She chose the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series, which impacted her so significantly that she plans to take the Landlord Experience soon.

After her education from the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series gave her “all the confidence and the knowledge in the world,” Effiong purchased her second property. 

The course far exceeded Effiong’s expectations: “My expectations were to understand how community members can get involved in development and not leave it to all the gentrifiers in California.” 

While she did find the answers to her questions, she learned so much more because of being surrounded by knowledgeable experts, from presenters and speakers to fellow participants. 

She is currently renovating her property in Braddock, which will be available to rent in January. Her goal for 2023 is to obtain a property in Pittsburgh and take the Omicelo Cares Landlord Experience course. 

Dive Deeper Into Real Estate Investment

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, increase your income, or own financial assets, Omicelo Cares has the resources you need. Learn how our Real Estate Co-Powerment Series will help you build wealth through real estate investment. Contact us today to get involved.